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Edge Seals and Plate Seals Solutions

Seal-Fast Edge And Plate Seals offer a better, cleaner and faster way to protect your data, services and equipment from environmental conditions such as dust, fumes, low and high temperatures and moisture. The edge seals snap on quickly and securely and the plate seal grips tightly for a secure seal.

Seal-Fast™ Edge Seal


SealFast seals offer a better, cleaner and faster way to provide environmental protection from dust and moisture as well as M&M’s™ and French Fries (real automotive application requirement!). Available in various materials with or without steel or stainless steel substrate and in polymer extrusions of EPDM, PVC or Silicone with FDA Approval option. Snap on and seal with Seal-Fast today!

Seal-Fast™ Plate-Seal


DTI’s Plate Seals are a fast and reliable way to protect critical equipment in places where wire, cable, air hoses, fuel and oil lines pass through openings and avoid contact with sharp panel surfaces while also sealing the aperture for airflow, heat loss and or insect/rodent penetration.


The Importance of Door Seals, Enclosure Seals and Plate Seals- DeviceTech

Practically every industry needs door and enclosure seals to seal off doors and panels from different environments –both natural and man-made while also protecting them from sharp metal or panel edges. This creates a need for tough reliable rubber, EPDM, steel or pvc door seals and enclosure seals also known as edge seals. These must be tough for use indoors or outdoors and in a range of environments. Whether you are talking about high temperature door seals or highly effective plate seals Seal-Fast was designed to fulfill that need. Custom design edge seals are an option.